Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Girls on Fire Boxed Set: Ten books for 99 cents

I'm excited to buy this new set of books which comes out June 16, 2014. The cover was just revealed yesterday and you can see it above. This set is exciting because you can get 10 YA novels for 99 cents. I'm assuming this must be a promotional thing and it won't stay this price, but I think it's an awesome deal. 10 books for 99 cents!

I've only read a few of the authors, but I'm excited to get a sampling of new authors, especially at that price. Included in the set are books by Amber Argyle, Angela Corbett, Christy Dorrity, Tamara Hart Heiner, Cindy M. Hogan, Laura Howard, Elana Johnson, Rachel Morgan, Lee Strauss, and Lani Woodland.  Happy reading!

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